One by One meets SONSU @sonsu_tattoo

One By One has the pleasure of welcoming Sonsu @sonsu_tattoo, a colourful artist who specializes in adorable illustrations using linework and plenty of colour. 

Sonsu creates cute animal characters with big personalities working with smaller designs. Looking through Sonsu’s portfolio we can see miniature floral pieces, fantasy characters, symbols and playful pets.




1. We read ‘pet sitter’ in your insta bio… Where does your inspiration for your lovely animal characters come from?
When I see cute things, I like to connect them to my designs.
2. Do you have any real life pets?
Yes I do I have cute tiny brave pomeranian
3. Cats or Dogs?
4. Three tattoo artists (uk or internationally) that you’d like to get tattooed by – irrespective of time, money or airfare and what would you get from them?
Flower tattoo from @yuuztattoo
A doodle tattoo from @bongkee_
Gem tattoo from @ziho_gallery
5. Tell us a country you would like to visit that you haven’t yet gotten a chance to and what you’d like to experience there?
I want to go to USA. Because I grew up with watching American dramas and I feel like it would really inspire me.
6. Tell us an unknown fact about yourself?
I don’t have any tattoos haha.
7. If you weren’t a tattoo artist tell us what you think your profession would be and why?
It would be an illustrator because I love drawing  
8. What do you usually listen to while drawing? Is there a specific genre of music that makes you feel creative?
It depends on how I feel but I usually listen to R&B.
Sonsu @sonsu_tattoo will be tattooing at One by One on selected dates throughout July.
To book in with them please email us at, subject: Sonsu Tattoo.
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