How do I book a tattoo?

Fill out a booking form and an artist will be in touch with you to as soon as possible.

How much is a deposit?

The deposit amount depends on the tattoo artist you are booking in with, the artist will usually take the deposit from you directly by bank transfer or via PayPal.

What is the studio minimum charge?

Our studio minimum is £150.

How do your artists price the tattoo?

Every artist will price their work differently depending on the piece. If you are booked in for a larger piece the artist will charge per day/half a day rate basis.

It’s my first tattoo and I’m not sure how the process works?

We would recommend a consultation before the tattoo if you are feeling unsure about the process and would like some questions answered.  Alternatively you can pop by for a chat with someone on reception or call the studio. 

Do you do white ink tattoos?

We do not recommend white ink tattoos as we cannot guarantee how well they will heal although our artists use white ink within tattoos to add highlights.

Can I bring a friend?

We cannot allow friends to sit in with you while you get tattooed so we don’t suggest bringing friends with you although we do have a reception waiting area it is minimal and we prefer to keep this for clients. 

Can I get a tattoo before I go on holiday?

Strongly advise keeping your tattoo out of the sun (sea & swimming pools) until its totally healed!

What is a hand poked tattoo?

A hand poke or stick and poke tattoo is done by hand using a needle and ink rather than with a tattoo machine.

How can I get a walk in appointment? 

If you have no specification on the artist you’d like to book in with we have a few tattoo slots daily for small walk in pieces. We suggest calling the studio at the beginning of the day and we can advice on what spaces we have available.

Can I use numbing cream?

If you’d like to use numbing cream please talk to your artist before the appointment to discuss the application.

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