Catching up with: Thiago MONSTERNARII

We are catching up with Monsternarii (Thiago) one of our wonderful resident artists, about his recent work and what gets him feeling inspired!

Hey Thiago! How are you? For those that haven’t had the pleasure of getting tattooed by you yet can you tell us a bit about you?

Hey, I’m Thiago and I’m a Brazilian tattoo artist. I started getting involved with tattoo culture back in early 2000’s, but only actually got an apprenticeship in 2006. I don’t have an Academic degree because I had to start working early in my life to help my mum out, and college was never an option. From a young age I got into Street Art and started my artistic journey from there.

Now, after 17 years tattooing, I try to stay updated by doing workshops/courses and by having an unconditional love of tattoos and be as dedicated as I can.

You have been at one by one a while now and as all artists do we have seen a natural evolution in your work and designs. Can you tell us ? Talk us through the movement pieces you have been doing and the inspiration behind them?

Being part of an amazing team has helped me to step up and deliver my best every day. Sometimes it’s not easy as an Immigrant from such a different reality not to be overwhelmed by all the new possibilities and opportunities a new country has to offer and my work reflects that.  At first, I did a lot of designs and they were always inside boxes (mainly flowers, but very often I put designs inside a square) This was a representation of my feelings at that moment, where I was limited in life with a new reality, new language and away from friends and family. Now, after 4 years, I feel more comfortable and more free and I think my movement designs reflect that feeling. Naturally, my work has evolved from a very calligraphy-based foundation to a more abstract and fluid lines.

For those looking to get larger movement pieces done can you explain the process and how you create such unique pieces?

With such abstract and unique work, is very important to respect the flow of the client’s body. Understanding the shape of muscles and an anatomical look of the composition. So, prior to our appointment, I will study the placement and figure out the shapes I want to explore within that project.

Sometimes I draw together with the client on the day of the appointment, this way the client can also guide me through their ideas and together we can create amazing artwork as a collaboration.

Although you tattoo large pieces, we do see some smaller designs popping up in your portfolio?

What is your usual design process for creating your flash designs? Do you have a particular genre of music you like to put on when you are being creative?

Being a father of two young boys is very tricky for me to have a moment where I can exclusively set up the mood for myself. Usually, I draw with my older son, while the young one is listening to rhyme songs lol. If I could choose I’d always go back to Brazilian music: I love hip hop and samba, so it will be one of those for sure. Recently I’m very aware of my feelings while I draw and try to always come from a place of happiness.

Do you have any hobbies that you feel influence your work creatively?

Yes, me and my son started doing BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and that had a huge influence on myself acceptance and helped me to recover my self-esteem. Also BJJ is a lot about flowing with the partner and adaptation. I also love Anime and Manga and usually go there for references too.

What would you like to tattoo more of in 2024?

I hope I can keep being able to do my custom movement pieces and I’m working a lot on bringing such a contemporary style to the tattoo culture, my next designs are going to mix up traditional themes with a movement twist.

Monsternarii’s new flash designs will be online later this month. To stay up to date with his designs and work find him on Instagram @monsternarii 

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