One by One meets JIRE @jire_tattoo

Hey Jire nice to meet you! We can see in your portfolio you work with a vibrant colour palette to create beautiful micro colour realism pieces.


Can you tell us a bit about your favourite pieces to tattoo and where are you looking to for inspiration

My favourite pieces are those related to art; I love capturing small pieces of artwork on the skin. I studied Fine Arts and have always been involved in this world, which I believe is where my inspiration for tattooing comes from.

Three tattoo artists (uk or internationally) that you’d like to get tattooed by – irrespective of time, money or airfare and what would you get from them? 

Three of my favourite tattoo artists are Garatttt (@garatttt). I find their work incredible from a technical standpoint, but it also conveys a lot of emotions every time I see their designs. Since I discovered them, they have become one of my favourite tattoo artists.

Alice (@lafragile_). She is a reference for me when it comes to color; I think she achieves incredible and faithful tones to the original paintings, which is something I also seek in my work. I would love to have a piece done by her.

Kozo (@kozo_tattoo). I admire the originality of their designs and the surrealism they incorporate into them. It’s a movement that has always appealed to me.

If you weren’t a tattoo artist tell us what you think your profession would be and why?

If I weren’t a tattoo artist, I think I would enjoy teaching drawing and painting, as I did before entering the tattoo world. It would always be something related to art; I don’t think I know how to do anything else!

Tell us a country you would like to visit that you haven’t yet gotten a chance to and what you’d like to experience there?

One of the countries I have pending and would love to visit is Greece. I would love to see all the art from ancient Greek culture and learn about its history.

What music do you usually put on while drawing/painting or designing? 

Many times, I adapt the music to the client I have that day; it’s important to me that they feel comfortable, especially if we’ll be spending hours together. But I always prefer calm music when I work. I really like indie.

Tell us an unknown fact about yourself?I love photography, although I complain a lot when taking photos of tattoos… 


Jire Tattoo @Jire_tattoo will be tattooing at One by One 7-13th August.

To book in with Jire, please email us at, subject: ‘jire tattoo’ or you can alternatively contact Jire directly!


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