An Interview with NATASHA RACHEL

The lovely Natasha is our newest artist at one by one, so new she actually only had one day at the studio before we closed due to the pandemic.


For those people reading who are completely new to you and your work Natasha people would say you have a particularly ornate style! How would you describe it?

I love working with mixed media. So adding ornamental aspects into an animal or floral image for example – give me a flower stem and I’ll cover it with beads. Working with dotwork work as well as fineline and mixed line weights. And anything symmetrical please 😍I find ideas from daily life, I’m known for taking pictures of balconies for example for different shapes.


Who are some of your favourite artists and if you could book in for a tattoo with anyone money and travel aside who would that be?

Main inspirations – Ryan Ashley is my absolute idol, I absolutely love Jenna Kerr and Sara Fabel’s Work too.

Artists work I love – Murray twins (Ryan/Matt), Black casket (Tyler Pawelzik), Jack Peppiette, Kelly Violence,


We can see quite a bit of embroidery and some clothes on your insta stories, is that a project you are getting ready?

Yes, I am working on some merch right now, embroidering crop tops, socks, back packs with my own custom designs embroidered on so I can tie it in to my tattooing style as well a cheeky tie-dye range.

Tattoo wise my focus is the new studio, my existing and new client base and hopefully starting some new long term projects as this is where my passion lies and just focusing on my portfolio and style. And potentially teaching my twin how to tattoo. V.exciting.

(Although I do love a small fineline too ☺️)


What were you doing before you became a full time tattoo artist?

I originally went to Uni and did marketing & PR but I ended up doing a side module in photography and knew I’d end up doing something creative, I got lucky when I ended up working as a studio manager one day, the owner saw me drawing on the desk and suggested I give tattooing a go, fell in love and never looked back.

Tattooing for me is like therapy, for myself and my client, the bonds you make you can’t explain.

I can’t sit still for 5 minutes unless I’m drawing/tattooing.


Scale of 1 to 10 how much are you looking forward to us opening again on the 4th of July?

The scales going to break from excitement.

New studio, new team, new projects, new merchandise, new clients (and bringing my existing clients along too) it’s all very exciting.

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