One by One Introducing: Aymy Ink

Hey Amy, welcome to One by One! Tell us a little about yourself. You’ve just moved back to London from Amsterdam. How was your move?
Moving is always stressful and saying goodbye to a country you love is definitely emotional, I lived in the Netherlands for almost 5 years so I am already missing the people and place. Saying that, I am so happy to be back in England, being closer to my childhood friends and family is such a blessing and being able to buy Ribena again is amazing.

 We see lots of ornate botanical and floral designs in your flash, tell us your favourite themes for designs?
I am really inspired by the world around me, whether it’s nature, people, patterns or music. I like to let the things around me create my designs. I love to make delicate tattoos that fit to the shape of the body, so I feel that natural and decorative elements work really well with that.

Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?
Tea, and it’s so nice to come back to a place where it’s not strange to add milk!

If you weren’t a tattoo artist, what would be your other dream job and why?
I would have loved to own a bakery and decorate cakes, baking is something I learnt from my mum and my first job ever was in a bakery. Aside from getting to eat delicious things all the time, I feel like it would be a great way to explore my creativity in a different industry.

What would you like to tattoo more of in 2023?
I would love to tattoo more flowers, ornamentals and also try out some more freehand pieces.

What’s your favourite flower?
Daffodils – always means spring is here.

If you could choose three tattoo artists (UK or Internationally) that you’d like to get tattooed by – irrespective of time, money or airfare, please tell us the artist name and what you’d love to get from them?
Shani Nizan – anything from her sketchbook!
Ruth Vandall – would love to get one of her dagger or chain designs.
Jess Chen – an abstract floral piece.


What’s your go to genre of music to get creative?

My go to music genre has always been hip-hop, I find it really easy to disappear into a drawing listening to rap. I am also massively into drum and bass and love to listen to this when I’m painting or creating more freely.

What was the last show you binge watched? 
Since coming back to the UK I have access to English TV again so i have been rewatching peep show non-stop.

Sunrise or sunset?

When are you most productive? 
I am definitely a morning person so find it easiest to get things done early. 

Can you tell us two unknown facts about yourself?
I have never been on a rollercoaster and I did ballet for 10 years! 

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