One by One meets XING @xingalmond

One By One has the pleasure of welcoming Xing @xingalmond, a fine line artist who specializes in a modern take on oriental designs using soft black and grey. 

Xing leans towards blue and red ink and occasionally adds accents of colour to her signature style of full black and grey pieces.

Looking through her portfolio we can see animals and fantasy characters from Chinese mythology including delicate tattoos of cranes, dancing lions and the nine tailed kitsune.


We can see a few iconic Anime characters in your portfolio of work. Has Anime and gamer art had an influence on your work and its composition? 
When I was developing my style and trying to find the direction I wanted to go in, I was definitely doing a lot of anime based designs, but I would say my main portfolio of work has gone in a different direction. I still love doing them though!
Three tattoo artists (uk or internationally) that you’d like to get tattooed by – irrespective of time, money or airfare and what would you get from them? 
Cheon (@moon.cheon) 
Dzo Lamka (@dzo_lama) 
Kubrick Ho (@kubrickgood) 
If you weren’t a tattoo artist tell us what you think your profession would be and why?
I have a Masters in Genetics, so I suppose I should be in a lab somewhere. But I think now, if I weren’t tattooing I would love to be in miniature model making.
Tell us a country you would like to visit that you haven’t yet gotten a chance to and what you’d like to experience there?
I would love to visit Kenya. I want to see all the animals and beautiful landscapes. 

What music do you usually put on while drawing? 
I usually put on Metal, 80s Rock, and Synthwave. I also enjoy listening to some New Age and movie soundtracks while working on the designs.
Tell us an unknown fact about yourself?
I have a massive phobia of worms, even just a picture of them can make me scream… NEVER ask me to tattoo a worm.
Xing @xingalmond will be tattooing at One by One on selected dates throughout November and December.
To book in with her, please email us at, subject: xingalmond.
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